To You, With Love From A Fellow Human

To the invaluable human soul behind the screen reading my words, I want to talk to you about this week. Sunday the semester starts, and that's not enough time to recover from the emotional impact of this week's events. It's not fair. Yesterday, a crazy person killed a baby with a car. Today, both Jews… Continue reading To You, With Love From A Fellow Human

There Exists vs. For All – Math and Racism

I make generalizations by accident sometimes. I think everyone does. It's just a habit we have of not being accurate when talking about other people. One of the most basic principles of mathematics - logic, specifically - is the difference between "there exists" and "for all/every." For example, 1. There exists a solution to the… Continue reading There Exists vs. For All – Math and Racism

How To Deal With Terrorism in Israel

Spend time with friends and family. Remember that you are not alone. Do not be afraid to leave the house. Live your life normally and remind others to do the same. Eat well. Treat yourself to chocolate and wine to help stay happy and relaxed. Spend time looking at cute cat videos and stand-up comedy.… Continue reading How To Deal With Terrorism in Israel

Stand With Israel, Chances Are You Owe Us One

Being a university student means occasionally getting emails from the Dean's office. But how often do they say something like this: "Due to the security situation, students wishing to host relatives and friends from the South of Israel in their dormitories may file a request." Only in Israel would the Dean's Office give permission to… Continue reading Stand With Israel, Chances Are You Owe Us One

Plain Truth…?

Last night at dinner with some friends of my grandmother’s, I found myself casually throwing out the statement, “Everyone hates the Jews.” I said it without thinking, but instead of getting the expected chuckle, it started a conversation. “Is that how you really feel? That the world hates the Jews?” I was asked a question… Continue reading Plain Truth…?

Mom, Dad, Couldn’t You Have Used A Better Picture?

So, is he really home? It seems so hard to believe. Only a few months ago we were watching so many protests which appeared to have no effect at all. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there's a deal for his release. Before we know it, there are photos of him hugging his family. How did that… Continue reading Mom, Dad, Couldn’t You Have Used A Better Picture?