Headshot of Liora Sophie

Liora Sophie is a late-twenties Israeli writer with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and education. She was born in Northampton, Massachusets, and moved to Israel as a child. She does research and data maintenance at a fundraising firm, and plays cello with Nava Tehila as a volunteer. Liora also acts to raise awareness about multiple issue relating to gender inequality and representation of women in STEM.


Published Works

Turned Against Me” featured on Short Fiction Break (2017)

Lesbians who occasionally want a man? That’s fine, but it’s not us.” Hebrew article on Mako Pride. (2016)

Matching Scars” featured on Short Fiction Break (2016)

A Female Mathematician Walks Into A Bar” on The Good Men Project (2016)

The Traveler’s Secret, finalist in the Travel Contest on Figment.com (2011)

Shadow Lake by Chainbooks, contributing author (2011)


Volunteer Work


One thought on “About

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Thanks for introducing yourself. I find it interesting to see your high interest in communication and language … yep – that’s how I see mathematics, music, and writing. Good luck with your studies.

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