Witches and Demons Series

Witches & Demons is my New Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance series set in a fictional city in the modern Middle East.

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Book 1: Witches & Demons


It hasn’t rained in half a century, and only a weather demon, like Kiero, can make it rain, but he needs the help of a witch. The problem is – witches and demons are forbidden to have any contact between them. Mr. Ostowth is a quirky old jeweler who is mysteriously impervious to demon mind-control, and Kiero is tasked with discovering why. During his investigations, he meets Eden, a cute and crafty emerging jewelry designer…and a witch.
At huge risk to their livelihood and their status within the magical community, Kiero and Eden carry out a secret courtship. But the universe, or very possibly someone much closer, conspires to get in their way.

Status: In Editing

Book 2: The Blackout Bandit (working title)


Rain returns, but there are consequences. Eden and Amalia are still on the outs but they might have to work together to find Karin’s grimoire, which is missing, and might contain essential research about using witchcraft to protect the environment. Surprisingly, the answer seems to be in the demon world.
For his whole life, Ledo been trying to create things to help his younger sister, Shaia, adapt to mainstream society. There’s a new demon in town, Sam, who brings yet another challenge to what Ledo thought he knew about demons. Ledo and Sam are fast friends, and they team up on Ledo’s mission to help his sister. Their research leads down a path of combining modern science and craft-demon magic. But on the brink of discovering something drastic, Ledo gets cold feet.

Status: Drafting