New Slam!

Inspired by Pride month celebrations countrywide in Israel, and the mixed feelings that come with it.

Old Slam!


*Fresh out of the oven!


Turned Against Me

New York City police arrive at the scene of a vampire attack…but there’s no body! The identity of the victim leads Detective Spencer to believe he may know the vampire responsible…

Written for The Write Practice’s 2017 summer writing contest, still waiting for them to announce the contest winners! In the meantime, somebody (not going to say who) has math finals…

Matching scars coverMatching Scars

Sam is captured by bandits and thrown into a prison cell where she encounters a figure from her past, Ash,who is facing execution. An unexpected twist of fate offers an opportunity for the girls to be released. But at what price?

For The Write Practice’s 5th Anniversary writing contest, I wrote this story, Matching Scars, which is now published on their magazine website, Short Fiction Break!


On My Blog you’ll find short pieces about current events, politics, and opinions.

Book Reviews is where I write about a book I’ve read if I think it was incredible or noteworthy.

In Mirror, Mirror I post thoughts about things that make me crash into street lights if I spend too much time thinking about them. I’m a little spacey.

In Fighting Worldsuck I write about things that bother me, and how I wish we could do things differently to make the world a better place.

In Remember Being A Child? I talk about experiences I have working with kids.

Living In Israel is…well, why don’t you find out for yourself?

Like it? Hate it? Let me know!

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