Spiritual Fiction

Modern Midrash

Flash fiction in the unique genre of “Modern Midrash.” It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s angels having frank dialogue with God. Mortals meeting the spirits of Life and Death. It’s a fable meets a myth meets the midrash. To see what I mean, check out one of the published stories below.

Memory Game

Also known as The Angel Story, Memory Game is my most popular flash fiction. God and the archangels play a few rounds of memory with people’s hearts.

a kiss of life and death cover

A Kiss of Life and Death

A young man on the verge of death deliberates with the very force of Life and Death about the meaning of the choices before him

Seventy Hidden Faces

A collection of retellings of stories from the Holy Scriptures.

These short stories of up to 6000 words are a retelling of stories from the Old Testament, purely from a human perspective. The retellings focus on answering questions such as, what is this character’s motive? Or what was the experience of a minor character whose story is not really emphasized? An example of these is Iron Chariots, which was featured on Silver Needle Press’s website as the flash fiction contest winner in June, 2018.

Iron Chariots

Ja’el is the matriarch of an ancient Canaanite tribe living near the location of a historic battle between General Sisera, who commands a battallion made up of 900 iron chariots, and (though not mentioned in this particular slice of flash fiction) the biblical Israelites. When Sisera abandons his soldiers to save himself, Ja’el is in a position to take action, but her tribe has a peace treaty with Sisera’s king.