How To Deal With Terrorism in Israel

  1. Spend time with friends and family. Remember that you are not alone.
  2. Do not be afraid to leave the house. Live your life normally and remind others to do the same.
  3. Eat well. Treat yourself to chocolate and wine to help stay happy and relaxed.
  4. Spend time looking at cute cat videos and stand-up comedy.
  5. Bake cakes for IDF soldiers on guard duty. When you drive through a checkpoint, hand it to them through the window.
  6. Meditate or pray.
  7. Make disturbing, hilarious jokes about war.
  8. Smile at everyone, because why not?
  9. Leave tips at restaurants which have security guards. Always greet the security guard with a smile and thank them for keeping everyone safe even though their job is boring as hell.
  10. Carry a cellphone. If you hear about something that happened, let people know you’re okay.
  11. Give lots of hugs and ask for them frequently.
  12. Know what to do in case of emergency. Being well informed about safety precautions helps increase your sense of security.
  13. Have faith in the security system and remember that the Israeli Army is exceptionally strong.
  14. Randomly burst into song.

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