Pajama Day

If you aren’t happy with your life, do something to change it.
If you can’t, find someone who can help you.
If there’s no one, wait a little while and look again.
If no one understands, teach them to speak your language.
If you are too tired to do anything, slow down and catch your breath.

If you’ve lost the memory of happiness, ask a friend where she saw it last.
If all your friends are away, try keeping yourself company.
If you feel completely alone, watch puppy videos on the internet.

If you lose your job, make the bank pay for a vacation.
If you flunk out of school, remember that it’s not a race.
If you can’t get out of bed, allow yourself a pajama day.
If every day is a pajama day, see how you feel in your clothes.
If your clothes don’t fit, buy new ones to match your emotions.
If your body is unfamiliar, whisper that your self love is unconditional.
If you’ve hit rock bottom, declare yourself a superhero for staying alive.

If you have scars, give yourself a bravery award.
If your scars are invisible, wear your heart on your sleeve.
If you are afraid of what people will think, be thankful that you can’t read minds.
If you can’t find kindness in your heart, resolve to give it out as soon as it comes back.

If you lose your way, send up a flare.
If you don’t know how to continue, make it up as you go along.
If you can’t find a reason to keep going, get a second opinion.
If you think the sun will never shine again, invest in some night vision goggles.
If there is no light at the end of the tunnel, pull over and wait until morning.

© 2016 Liora Sophie
All rights reserved

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