At the Scene of a Jewish Wedding in Rozmberk, Czech Republic

Candles flicker, not in shadow
Music echoes past the stream –

Suddenly I am allowed
To sing out my identity;
To wave a flag of Jewish pride,
To dance beneath the golden glow
Of castle walls in Rozmberk.

And in this town will sleep tonight
A dozen Jews with bellies full,
Content and warm, where once before
The Jews had but a footprint left.

Is this what Hitler thought could be?
If I could force that man to watch
As families unite with joy,
Unafraid and unashamed
Of who we are and how we live,
Drinking wine from silver cups
And passing on a diamond ring,
Free of fear and free of him,
That might be enough for me.

My people lives! My people rises
From the ashes, like a phoenix –
Born to live and live again
And what a life it is.

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