Hephaestus and Aphrodite

Aphrodite running from Hephaestus
Does this look like fun?

Everyone knows what it feels like to be rejected by someone you have feelings for. (If you don’t, this post may not be of interest to you.) Let’s agree it’s comparable to being run over by a garbage truck. It is not at all a desirable situation to be in.

You know how Romeo and Juliet ended because their parents couldn’t get along. We’ve heard stories about people who were not allowed to be together because of social conventions. But how often do you hear stories of people who were forced into a relationship with someone who didn’t want them? Actually I think there’s a Greek myth about that one; Hephaestus was betrothed to Aphrodite, but he was not attractive to her, and she ran off with his hot brother Ares the god of war. It’s a sad story, but people tend to sympathize with Aphrodite, because she is the goddess of love, so surely she deserves better than the hideous Hephaestus? My question is, why didn’t they just let her marry Ares? It comes down to how little sense there is in the Greek myths.

In the book I’m writing, two of the characters find themselves in a relationship. Ledo is desperately in love with Amalia, but he senses her hesitation and does not understand why. While Amalia enjoys his company, something is not right. For Ledo, his time with Amalia is both relief and torture, because he wants to make her happy but he feels he will never be enough for her.

Their relationship reminds me of some stories I’ve heard from people who were in a heterosexual relationship, and discovered after it ended that their partner was homosexual. It’s not uncommon. It doesn’t sound like too much fun either. Both parties may develop deep emotional connections, even though the physical attraction is unilateral. How terrible must it be to know you can’t satisfy someone you love so much? As I type these words my heart is breaking for people who have experienced that feeling. Even if sometimes these relationships were initiated by the partners, it’s still a painful situation to be in.

Dare I ask why some think that forcing gay people to marry straight is a good thing?

What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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