Work In Progress


These short stories of up to 6000 words are a retelling of stories from the Old Testament, purely from a human perspective. The retellings focus on answering questions such as, what is this character’s motive? Or what was the experience of a minor character whose story is not really emphasized? An example of these is Iron Chariots, which was featured on Silver Needle Press’s website as the flash fiction contest winner in June, 2018.

Poetry Collection

A collection of visual poetry. To see some examples, visit the Poetry and Micro Poetry pages.


Witches & Demons

It has not rained in half a century. Only a weather demon, like Kyerro, can make it rain, but he needs the help of a witch. The problem is – witches and demons are forbidden to have any contact with each other. Mr. Ostowth is a quirky old jewler who is mysteriously impervious to demon mind-control, and Kyerro is assigned the task of discovering why. During his investigations, he meets Eden, a witch. At a huge risk to their livelihood and status in the magical community, Kyerro and a young witch (Eden) carry out a secret courtship.

Meanwhile, Amalia – a seer (half demon, half witch) with the help of Ledo, a demon, Kyerro’s best friend, sets out on a dangerous path to find her father, whom she has never met. But her father is not the kind of person she hoped he would be.

Multiple LGBT characters coming up!