A Little Bit of Wandering

Ahead of me was an abyss.  I was walking the plank,  No, running,  Diving head first with a bachelor's degree parachute  Through pitch darkness.  It changed as I fell, and I changed,  And though I could sense the ground beneath me  I never found my footing...
Now below me the ground still sways,  But it might be the ocean.  I can float for a while.  The floor creaks with every step I take,  I'm on the deck of a cruise ship,  Someone, somewhere has a destination in mind,  But I can get to where I'm going along the way.
The world is patient. I sail past,  Slow enough to see,  Slow enough to fill my lungs  With sea salt and ideas...
These feet may not be on solid ground,  But old words echo in my ears,  "Why do I need them if I have wings to fly?"  And in fact, I am tired of walking.

Quote by Frida Kahlo.

Featured on Pen & Pendulum for #UnfoldingPrompt.

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