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What I Saw Today in Jerusalem #7

A woman wearing a rainbow.

She had on a dress with thick rainbow colored stripes,

rainbow colored platform shoes with rainbow colored stripes,

a rainbow colored scarf,

and a bright red handbag.



Liora Sophie is a contributing author of Shadow Lake by Chainbooks publications. She writes short stories, poetry, and is working on a novel. She is a student of Mathematics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. When not writing she plays cello with Nava Tehila.

2 thoughts on “What I Saw Today in Jerusalem #7

  1. Another young woman, whose blogs I read, inadvertently clicked the Like button on one of her own posts, and received a notification from WordPress, essentially telling her that she was a fool for doing so. I notice that you have *liked* several of your own posts. Did you also receive the same WordPress message?

    1. I do receive notifications. I have a little bit of experience in social media, and liking my own posts is supposed to be a kind of initiative to encourage others to do the same.

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