Hero or Sidekick?

I think Yom Kippur is about Superheroes. I hate Yom Kippur. I hate fasting, I can never concentrate when I'm hungry, so before this abysmal day begins I'm going to share some thoughts while my mind is still awake. On this day we do two things which do not come naturally to humans: fasting and… Continue reading Hero or Sidekick?

Clean As You Go

One of the things I enjoy when I'm upset is baking. It's distracting and fun, and the end product is a tasty edible thing. But baking is incredibly messy - when the muffins are in the oven you have goo all over the counters and floors, you're covered in flour, ingredients are scattered about the… Continue reading Clean As You Go

Let’s Talk About This: Keeping Kosher vs. Internet Bullying

First, two quick facts about me: I'm Jewish I keep Kosher These facts are important players in this story, which is partly about a Facebook post, but mostly about the horrendous politics of the Kashrut industry. (Kashrut = the state of being Kosher.) The following picture was posted on Facebook, along with a plea to… Continue reading Let’s Talk About This: Keeping Kosher vs. Internet Bullying